Borrowing Money the Right Way

It is a fact of life that at one day you have a lot of cash and none the next. This is especially true for business owners who actually have the experience of dealing with erratic cash flow. It’s different when it comes to fixed income earner. Their income comes in steadily each month but

Save not Borrow

It is a fact that consumers today have easy access when it comes to BORROWING money. This is perhaps the reason why people are really not into saving money for a rainy day. Saving money is still the best insurance to protect you from unexpected expenses. Knowing how to save money is also the best

Things to Consider When Borrowing Money

The continuing lifestyle changes being experienced today seems to be the cause why many individuals are prone to borrow money. Home repair, car upgrade and unexpected expenses such as a medical emergency are just some of the reasons why individuals are forced to borrow money from financial institutions or from a private money lender. But

Borrowing Money for the Right Reasons

It is true that money can’t buy everything but the fact still remains that it is one commodity that can an individual afloat in this rat race world. The real problem with money is that if it is not enough, people’s tendency is to borrow to either cover their expense deficit or to simply use

When to Avoid Money Lenders

BORROWING can be a very sound option if the reasons and the need to borrow are right. For instance, unexpected medical expenses, funds for investment and the likes are usually good enough reason for an individual to take on the risk to borrow money. However, there are instances when individuals are faced with the temptation